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Custom X 2013
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Custom X 2013 $0.00

2013 Burton Custom X Snowboard

An absolute missile, for the rider looking to go face meltingly fast and rip turns all over the mountain. 


  • Tram Package
  • The Channel
  • BEND: Camber
  • SHAPE: Directional
  • FLEX: Twin
  • CORE: Dragonfly™ with Multizone EGD™
  • FIBERGLASS: NEW 45° Carbon Highlights Hi-Voltage and Lightning Bolts Hi-Voltage
  • BASE: Sintered WFO
  • EXTRAS: Squeezebox, Stainless Frostbite Edges, Pro-Tip™, and Infinite Ride™
  • ARTIST: Brett Cody Rogers []
  • Diecut Base Color Combinations May Vary

Feel: 7

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