Mugatu Spline-Drive Sprocket
Mugatu Spline-Drive Sprocket
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Demolition Mugatu Spline-Drive Sprocket

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CNC machined from 4.5 mm thick, heat treated CRMO. The last sprocket you'll ever need to buy again. Keyed for 19mm or 24mm/ 48 splined spindles only. Eliminates a sprocket bolt completely. Guys like Drew Hosselton and Connor Lodes have been on the Mugatu for close to a year and swear it will be their last sprocket on their bike. Now that's saying a lot!

  • Available Teeth: 25t & 28t
  • Teeth: 1/8"
  • Bore: 15/16"
  • Weight: 4.2 oz (25T) / 5.1 (28T)