Whip C3 Snowboard | 2020

Gnu Whip C3 Snowboard | 2020 $479.95



Whip C3 Snowboard | 2020

Gnu has never subscribed to the “shrink it and pink it” technique when it comes to women’s product design. The Whip is the opposite of shrinking and pinking, it is designed for hard carving, line charging, and powerful progression. For ladies who want more from their board, can’t ride a skinny smaller version of the men’s models, and want to whip their board around the whole mountain without any restrictions. The Whip is the exciting result of advanced geometries developed over 25 years by women, for women.

Art by Corinne Weidmann @iunatinta

Unreal cambered directional freeride fantasy

All mountain slope tool for cracking the whip on any conditions

Everything is better... with Whip!